23rd of May 2023

We have managed to trace for a second time a very limited quantity of T160 NOS primary drive chains:


28th of December 2022

Check out our new product added on the "Carburetors items & improvements" Category:

Currently they are two pieces available, when they are sold-out the add will be altered to

"pre-order" status.


3rd of February 2022

Back in stock are the following adjustable pushrod tubes kits:

Triumph T140V TR7RV Adjustable Pushrod Tubes 1973 To 1979 Models, SET

Triumph T150 T160 BSA Rocket3 A75 Adjustable Pushrod Tubes, SET


6th 0f November 2021

New product added to the "MISC" category:

Triumph T150 T160 BSA Rocket3 A75 Urethane Shock Absorber Rubbers, SET (


22th of September 2021

Hydraulic clutch kits for T150s R3s and T160s are back in stock!

Triumph T150 BSA Rocket 3 A75 Hydraulic Clutch Kit, Actuator ''inside engine'' (

Triumph T160 Hydraulic Clutch Kit, Actuator ''inside engine" (


4th of April 2021

Triumph T150 BSA Rocket 3A75 Hydraulic Clutch Kit, Actuator "inside engine" are back in stock:

Triumph T150 BSA Rocket 3 A75 Hydraulic Clutch Kit, Actuator ''inside engine'' (


5th of May 2020

Triumph T150 T160 BSA Rocket3 A75 Primary Chain Adj. Screw Special Seals are back in stock:


30th of April

Good news! 

From today shipping/post correspondence with USA has being restored also.


11th of April 2020

Reinforced kill switch levers for T160s and T140s are back in stock:

Updated list with countries that shipping/post correspondance has being restored also:

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa


6th of April 2020

Updated list with countries that shipping/post correspondence

has being restored also:

Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands

Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia


25th of March 2020

Due to restrictions to global transportations because of COVID-19

our carrier "Hellenic posts" ( announced yesterday 24/03/2020 that post correspondence

with almost all countries is postponed except the following:

Belgium, France, Germany, Canada


From 1st of March 2020 shipping charges have been revised on our carrier (

There is no distinction between EU zone countries and rest of the world,

so shipping charges are unified.

Please consult our updated "delivery information" page:





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